Types of Packaging

Bespoke Packaging SolutionsWe have an unrivalled supply chain of specialist pack manufacturers. Together with our in house capability, this allows us to offer a wide range of pack formats in metal, plastic and glass to accommodate just about any type of product in just about any size or style of pack.


Our key types of packaging include:

Bespoke packaging solutionsCans, Bottles & Jars

These classic rigid pack types solve the issues of protecting the pack contents, providing a substrate for labelling and allowing the product to be easily accessed. We pack round and square tinplate, lined and unlined, open and screw cap cans. We also pack rigid plastic containers of all shapes and sizes in all colours.  We fill plastic bottle packs with trigger sprays and glass packs.






Bespoke packaging solutionsCartridges

We pack single component cartridges for manual or pneumatic dispensing. We can supply with a variety of application nozzles, products can be de-aired for ease of dispensing. We offer single component cartridges in standard formats such as :

            • Semco® style 1oz, 2.5oz, 60z, 8oz, 20oz, 32oz
            • Caulkers 150ml, 300ml, 310ml
            • Grease cartridges 3oz, 75ml, 14.5oz



Clip Packs, Burst Seal Packs and Pouches

Flexible film packs in both clear and aluminium foil films allow many advantages in terms of variety of pack sizes and adaptability to mixing ratios.  Our clip packs allow 2 and 3 component products to be separated using high integrity leak free clips until the moment they are to be used.

We have successfully replicated this feature with our unique Burst Seal Pack which achieves the same outcome with an inner “burst seal” which means that a clip is not required. We also fill all shapes and sizes of single component sachets from 2ml all the way up.

We can fit screw caps of a variety of designs to access the contents and allow for re-sealing after use.

Burst Pack Packaging

Advantages include:

            • Consistent accurate mix ratio
            • Any dose quantity available to meet your requirements
            • User exposure minimised during the mixing phase
            • No contamination compared to doaing from bulk containers.
            • No scales or measuring equipment needed
            • Ideal for remote or field working


Collapsible Tubes

We fill all shapes and sizes of both flexible plastic (HDPE/LDPE) and aluminium foil tubes. Plastic tubes are accurately filled and then heat sealed. We can offer options for foam applicators and tube printing to your requirements. Metal tubes are closed by folding/crimping the open end. We can offer options for stamping batch number into the closure, dispensing nozzles and printing of metal tubes.


Dual cartridge packagingSemkits & Dual Cartridges

Both side by side and concentric. We can offer a full range of mix ratios including 1:1, 2:1, 4:1 and 10:1. We have an excellent range of 50ml dual cartridges with a variety of special features. We can supply and fill cartridges from key suppliers such as Semco, Sulzer Mixpac, Nordson EFD and Ritter. We can supply a full range of static mix nozzles to optimise component mixing and spreading. We can pack barrier and injection Semkits® with 2 component products.



Syringe packs offer the product in a small quantity combined with the means of dispensing. We can fill a wide variety of fluid products into syringe cartridges of all sizes including 1cc, 3cc, 6cc, 10cc, 20cc, 30cc, 35cc, 60cc. Syringes are available in clear and black and with Luerlock, Luerslip, taper and straight nozzle fittings.


Moist Towelettes

We can saturate textile wipers in individual packs or in multi wipe dispensers to allow your fluid product or cleaner to be applied directly to the substrate in a measured quantity and removed as required. We can supply in single foil sachet with a tear open end, or in rigid or flexible multi wipe containers.  We can also supply in combination with dry unsaturated wipes for cleaning and wipe off processes.