Products We Pack

We specialise in chemical based products including materials which are hazardous or flammable. We offer full traceability by batch number and expiry date as appropriate.

Typical products we pack include:

Coatings – We pack single and multiple component paints and coatings including epoxies, polyurethanes & acrylics. We pack both water based and high solids coatings as standard. We fill quantities typically from 2ml to 5 litres.

Lubricants – We pack low and high viscosity oils, lubricants and pastes.

Sealants – We pack single and multi-component sealants, RTVs, putties, caulks and mastics. We can measure and proportion components to ensure perfect mixing.

Adhesives – We pack a variety of adhesives, glues and resins including epoxy, cyanoacrylate and MMA. We can produce single and multi-component kits in large and small packs.

Solvents – We pack liquid solvents and cleaners including detergents into a range of packs suitable for dispensing and using the product as required.

Powders – We pack powders into large and small packs including inner lining bags and dessicant packs.

We can also blend components to your formula then fill the product into the right pack with the right label.

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