About Us

We pack products into tailor made small pack formats to suit the needs of the end user. We specialise in filling exact, economic measures of chemical products, precisely measured and in the correct ratio. We pack products including pastes, coatings, resins, paints, sealants, mastics, putties, adhesives, lubricants, greases, solvents and powders. We take care of traceability, shelf life and labelling.

Our sister company Andpak Inc, based in Northern California USA has decades of experience in the field of specialist contract packaging, with numerous brand leaders and household names among our customers. We launched our European business with our location in the UK and we aim to reproduce the same know-how and customer focus that have made us a key player in the American market. We can offer the full range of packaging services of our US based facility whilst building our European capability with the array of products and services described here.

We are trusted providers to many well known brands, join them in using Andpak as an integral part of your production capability.