We pack products into tailor made small pack formats to suit the needs of the end user. We specialise in filling exact, economic measures of chemical products, precisely measured and in the correct ratio. We pack products including pastes, coatings, resins, paints, sealants, mastics, putties, adhesives, lubricants, greases, solvents and powders. We take care of traceability, shelf life and labelling.

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Introducing Andpak

We design, source, identify and produce packs to accommodate a wide variety of products. They are designed with the end use in mind and we anticipate the application when designing the dispensing method.

Our customers are brand owners, product manufacturers and suppliers who wish to offer their customers the option of obtaining their products in small, manageable formats. We simplify the process, taking care of the sourcing of multiple packaging items and providing a dedicated filling, labelling and packing service for small and large production runs.

Our quality system is specifically designed for the process of accurately packaging chemical products. We are approved with this scope to EN9100:2016 (REV D) & we are ISO 9001:2015 Certified. Click here for a pdf of our approval certificate.

Our packaging centre is equipped with manual and semi-automatic volumetric filling machines which deliver accurate repeatable doses. We check weigh all production to assure that truly accurate measures are provided. We can fill with nitrogen or dessicant packs to ensure that the product has the maximum storage stability.

We use down draught extraction to fill powders without waste.

Our in house label production facility means that we can work on label design with you to ensure that your brand image is faithfully reproduced. Our technical team ensures that all regulatory requirements are met with GHS and hazard labelling. We can also produce fully compliant msds with your company details.

Our fully IATA qualified packing team can overpack and document any material for shipment anywhere; we can hold your stock and provide fulfilment delivery on your behalf.

“Give your customers the products they want, in the packs they need”.